Kathleen Melin, Author and Educator

Kathleen Melin, Author and Educator

When Kathleen was 8 years-old, she set a peach crate on end in her closet for a writing desk next to the clothes bar of neatly pressed little girl dresses. She would go in to her closet with the slant wall, close the door, and write.

When she got her first boyfriend, she wrote. When she broke up with her first boyfriend, she wrote. She wrote letters, she wrote essays, speeches, and school newspaper articles.

At 19, she arrived at the University of Minnesota and after a poetry class with Michael Dennis Browne, she told her best friend Mary Ellen, that she would be a writer.

She graduated from the U of M with a BA in English in March 1976, went to Paris, and wrote a novel – cliché but true. She traveled to Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Greece, Yugoslavia, Italy, Spain, Luxemborg, and wrote.

She got a job as an assistant editor for a weekly newspaper. She wrote news, human interest articles, a column, and in her spare time, short stories that she sent on occasion to the magazine market.

She traveled to Guatemala and Mexico and boy, did she write.

She worked as a magazine editor and wrote a whole bunch more.

She moved to Alaska and wrote publicity, grants, books, marketing, radio. She went back to school and wrote two more books and a bunch more short stories, and poetry, too. She got an MFA in Creative Writing.

She raised three children, moved 15 times in 20 years and kept on writing.

Now, she loves staying put . . . . and writing