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WINTERCOVER2.inddBy Heart: A mother’s story of children and learning at home shares the surprising story of one family’s journey from compliant public schooling to radical home-based learning. This literary memoir takes readers from the tundra of Bethel, Alaska, to the placid farm country of Wisconsin, all the while exploring the homeschool lifestyle. Daring and compassionate, it portrays homeschooling as a progressive choice and thoughtfully examines classic tensions — homeschool decision, schedules and curricula, socialization, and the economics of co-parenting. By Heart offers a view of a homeschool lifestyle deeply connected to nature and its cycles. Unflinchingly human, it explores doubts and concerns while remaining steadfastly passionate to the homeschool choice. By Heart is a “must- read” for those considering the homeschool life and a soothing companion to parents in the midst of it.  For educators and policy makers, it reveals an insider’s experience of the homeschool reality; meanwhile, searching the historical and cultural complexity of education.  Ultimately, this rare and heartfelt telling affirms all those who live their lives beyond tidy boxes and categories.


“I wasn’t homeschooled; none of my people were homeschooled; my wife wasn’t homeschooled; none of her people were homeschooled. School taught us that rearing children on our own would be a bother, and so our daughter and son missed out, too. Looking through the window that By Heart opens, I’m struck by how much all of us lost. This book is a work of genius. Unique.

John Taylor Gatto, Author
Dumbing Us Down
Weapons of Mass Instruction
The Underground History of American Education

 “I’m a proponent of Waldorf schools, in large part because they strive to create a home-like atmosphere for the children – students have the same class teacher from first through eighth grade, they work at an unhurried pace, the curriculum is profoundly connected to Nature, and everything is done with beauty, rhythm, and love. This sounds a lot like home schooling, doesn’t it? Why is it that home schooling is the exception rather than the norm? Kathleen Melin tells the story of her journey to home-schooling with compelling honesty and instructive insight. You will learn much from her experience.”

Eric Utne, founder of the Utne Reader
Cosmo Doogood’s Urban Almanac

“More than an account of someone trying to escape the frustrations of a rural school system, Kathleen Melin’s compelling story gives us the complicated, difficult truth behind the romance we’ve all tried on for at least a few seconds – of doing it ourselves; of teaching our own children at home . . . .   As with our lives, there’s no necessarily happy ending, but a multisided handful of directions her thoughtful account considers. It’s a story anyone who has, or who ever had, children will profit from reading.”

Barry Silesky, Author/Poet
John Gardner: Literary Outlaw
This Disease
Editor, ACM

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The Blue Pearl

Kanna, a fifteen-year old girl nurtured in the idyllic settlement of Luxa, determines to find the mother who abandoned her at birth.  Kanna’s radiant lapses of connection with the concrete world reveal a slight oddness about her, but is she odd?  She makes one futile attempt after another to find her mother, ignoring the rumors of the growing disruption in the outside world and her own inner knowledge.  Along with her closest friends, Sylvan and Poppy, she must choose the affiliation that will be her path for life. When two sudden shocks collide, Kanna must face who she is and reconcile her fantasies with the stark limitations of the home she never questioned.



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