Kathleen Melin is a Best of the Net 2023 nominee and author of By Heart:  A Mother’s Story of Children and Learning at Home (Clover Valley Press, October 2008).  Her creative work has appeared in The Baltimore Review, EssayDaily, Split Rock Review, Brain & Life Magazine, Barstow & Grand, and others. She has written for national and international publications including Cosmo DooGoods Urban Almanac, Otherways, and Dance, Somatics, and Spiritualities.  Her work has been supported by residencies at Ragdale and Norcroft.  She has an MFA from the University of Minnesota and has taught at the University of Wisconsin Colleges, University of Minnesota, at Summit School for the Arts, and at seminars, conferences, and farms around the country.  Her career includes work as a magazine editor, as an assistant editor for a weekly newspaper, as a freelance writer for national and regional publications, as a grant writer, ghost writer, and in public relations.  She lives on her ancestral farm in northwestern Wisconsin, where she cultivates creativity and a garden.

Longer bio and complete CV available on request.