Let’s write your book!

Many people have powerful stories they aspire to write and publish.  These stories may be a way to pass along a family legacy to a few or have broader cultural significance for many.    We commence the process with a meeting to determine the book scope and length, establish a calendar, and make sure our working styles are compatible.   After that, careful research of both primary and secondary sources, and extensive interviews provide the “fact” foundation for your book.  The written work is  then carefully crafted with your feedback, resulting in a completed text ready for publication.

Ghost Writing contract costs are based on scope of project plus expenses.  Please contact Kathleen directly at (715)646-9339  to discuss your idea.

This book is a dream come true.

Carrie H.

Wow! I am so thankful that we chose you to work on our mother’s biography.  The whole process has been a gift for her – a chance for her to think back and see how her life unfolded into what it is today.  It is a unique story and you’ve captured it so well.  As I read the book, it feels as if she’s the one telling the stories to me – in person!  You really know how to capture HER voice.  Thank you for this gift to our entire family.

Jenny H.


Let’s work together. 

It’s an honor to work with dedicated purposeful writers. I offer consulting and manuscript critique for writers at every stage of development.  For beginning writers, sessions provide gentle support to help you focus and move fast forward on your project while developing skills.  For those with substantially completed manuscripts, tutorial sessions give you tools to improve your habits of prose, and organize and develop your content.

Menu samples below.  Customized options available.

Manuscript Consultation   $55 per hour

If you’re looking for a quick way to move forward in your work, bring your questions and short writing sample of two to five pages for a one hour session where you’ll get tools, insights, and exercises to move forward effectively with your writing project

“10 Pages” Manuscript Critique with one hour consultation  $149

For those with a substantially worked manuscript looking for help with structural and style concerns; includes reading of ten pages, detailed written comments, and one hour consultation

Book Development — Includes 9 one hour consults and manuscript critique of 100 pages  $1499

This allows for a guided support once you’ve made a commitment to your project.  We’ll work in a time frame of at least nine weeks and up to nine months.  Each session includes:

  • reading of ten pages and detailed written comments
  • tools, exercises and insights to your work
  • help developing your personal writing goals and calendar
  • information on seeking publication and the publishing industry
  • and more


Let’s learn together!

I believe everyone can write and that we all have stories to tell.  As an instructor, I create a safe space for these often powerful and deeply personal expressions.  I guide participants through the writing process and offer them tools to use as they continue their writing lives beyond our shared experience.  Our writing develops with time and attention, and in the practice, we are changed.

I’ve taught all kinds of people in all kinds of settings:  at-risk youth on a farm, middle aged memoirists at libraries, reluctant learners in a k-12 school, talented teens in private classes, university students, community college students, intergenerational groups at festivals, and more.  Experiential learning sticks best.  Classes are filled with writing, movement, and generally include moments in or with nature.